January 10, 2012

Quick Thinking

If you haven't noticed across Twitter, Instagram, and whatever networking site there is, Southern California has been having gorgeous near 80 degree weather for the past couple of weeks.  So, silly old me thought I'd wear this dress from Simply Audrey with my favorite summer platforms from Blowfish Shoes and go thrifting at this hip little place while my husband stayed home with the napping kiddos. 

I had a great thrifting experience and finally found some dark jeans that fit!  As I walked to my car to finish the rest of my errands, post office and Costco, I realized how cold it had gotten in an hour.  I had not brought a jacket or a sweater, and the thought of entering Costco's frozen section in my little dress gave me more of the chills.  So, I sat in the car in Costco's parking lot and not so discreetly put on my just purchased skinny jeans and it saved my a**.  Literally. I just tucked my dress in and made it a blouse. So, thank you thrifting, once again, for a lovely and cheap purchase.  Now I have two outfits in one! 

Which outfit do you like more- the dress used as a dress or as a blouse?


  1. Really cool jeans. I like the gray-slate color. Can't believe it's in the 80's in California. Time to move :O)


  2. I love this post! And that dress looks adorable both ways.

  3. I like it as a blouse. It looks cute with the skinny jeans and shoes.