January 9, 2012

Moms of Etsy - Ellyn of VintageAga

Since much of the content of this blog deals with being a stay-at-home mom while working from home, I like to showcase others in similar situations as myself.  I really do enjoy connecting with other mothers that own Etsy shops.  Each have such different stories, inspirations, yet are all connected with a love for their children.  I've recently been emailing/tweeting with Ellyn from VintageAga- an irresistibly adorable shop full of vintage clothing for the little ones.  Ellyn's shop carries clothing for both boys and girls, ranging from apparel for newborns to size 8.  Her bright photography captures the clothing very well and each piece is extremely affordable!  Amazingly, she does all this while caring for 2 little ones!

Anyhow, meet Ellyn!

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?
It was a combination of many things! I left my job as a newspaper reporter last year to be a full-time mama. But after I quit last winter and gave birth to my second child in May, I secretly missed working. I wanted something to call my own while balancing mommyhood. At the same time, I had amassed a pile of vintage finds that I knew other mamas would like. And I wanted to promote the idea of infusing vintage into our children’s wardrobes. It saves money, promotes preservation and recycling, and gives our kids a unique, non-cookie cutterlook!

cute dress from her shop! click here for more info

How many kids do you have and when do you find is the best time to work on your shop?
I have two kiddos, Ella, who is nearly three years old, and Miles, who is seven months old. They are my priorities so working on the shop really depends on their schedules. Fellow mamas would know that raising a toddler and infant can get nutty; sometimes, I barely have any time to take a shower and eat a meal. Other days, the kids synchronize their naps and I get to take shop photos, edit them and list a few items. Most of the time, I work when they go to bed at night.

What time do you go to bed at night?
I usually hit the sack around midnight - when I can’t keep my eyelids open anymore. If I can manage to stay up longer, I usually sleep around 1 or 2 a.m. so that I can squeeze in some work.

What time do you get up and do you need caffeine?
I wake up around 7:30 a.m. with the kids. If I really have the need, I drink coffee to rev up my system. Most days, I don’t drink coffee. I am, however, a big Diet Coke girl. It’s my vice!

Do you take your children with you while hunting for vintage for the shop? If so, what are some helpful tips.
My kids are attached to me ALL THE TIME, so wherever mama goes, babies go. I usually go in the morning when Miles needs his morning nap.  My koala loves to sleep in a baby carrier while I shop. My toddler can be demanding while we’re out so I make sure to bring a lot of snacks to keep her preoccupied. If I go thrifting, I make sure to swing by the book section first so my toddler can sift through them while I peruse. If I check out an estate sale, I might take one of the munchkins with me on the weekend.

Ella in a vintage dress.  Adorable!

Mile's pretty cute and big!

5 words to describe yourself.
Giving,protective, sassy, loving and creative.

Is Etsy a job, hobby, or both?
I’d call my shop a hobby-job. I do it because I love finding great vintage items and sharing them with like-minded people. I also have this weird thing about not being able to abandon a treasure that could go to a loving home and find a second life. I also set my own schedule so the flexibility makes it feel less like a typical job. It is a job in the sense that what I do takes a tremendous amount of time. I don’t want to send junk over to my customers. I mend, launder and press the items. I take flattering photographs. I try to describe the items accurately. And I wrap the items up like it’s a present. Don’t you love getting pretty things in the mail, too?

What is your favorite item in the shop?
I sold it! It was a beautiful toddler girl dress from the 1950s, with candy cane red-and-white stripes, a smocked waist and a pointed collar. I wish I saved it for my girl!

Do you have a go to meal on those days where you're overwhelmed by your family, work, Etsy, etc.? What is it?
When it gets crazy around the house, my husband puts on his superhero cape and brings home a yummy dinner from one of our favorite seafood joints. When I’m overall stressed, a bit of chocolate makes me happy. French fries also make me giddy.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Ellyn!  Aren't her kids adorable?  You can find Ellyn on her fun blog and on twitter @ VintageAga.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Such an inspiring interview, especially for us mommies who miss our jobs at times.

  2. thanks and thanks for always reading my posts and commenting! it's very encouraging!

  3. i LOVE Ellyn! she is a sweetie!

  4. Thanks for having me, Anna! Viva la vintage! :)

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