January 11, 2012

A Little Shop Makeover Update

This week's shop update shows some of the makeovers coming to the shop - more natural lighting and modeling the clothing myself. It's a whole lotta me, and it's quite nervewracking. But, I've actually been enjoying it and it forces me to do my hair and makeup so I don't completely look like a slob when my husband comes home.

2 more pieces of news. First, I'm offering FREE advertising on the blog for the month of January.  Click here for more information about what a sponsorship entails.  If interested, contact me on the contact form above, or comment here on the blog.

Also, only 38 more sales until I reach 900, which means the next 38 sales will be receiving 15-20% discounts off their purchase. Sale ends once I reach 900 so don't miss out!

adorable 1960s red velvet dress. perfect for valentines day!

1950s peach chantilly lace designer dress.

had to share this one of a kind 1950s dress, again. it's amazing!

Beautiful 1960s ivory lace wedding dress with matching jacket.

lovely pointelle wool sweater dress for winter.

LOVE this mad men 1960s dress. reminds me of something peggy would wear.

1970s ankle boots. size 8 or 8.5.

left: 1980s black plaid boyfriend blazer right: 1960s daisies embroidered cardigan

left: 1980s white boucle cowl neck sweater right: 1970s black sequin flowy top

left: 1970s blue wrap midi skirt right: 1940s pink linen midi skirt (love both of these)


  1. Ahhhh! I love your style! I'm so going to check out your etsy store! You've got some pretty classic chic outfits :)


  2. thank you so much, catherine! just checked out your blog. LOVE IT. you have quite an eye!

  3. Such beautiful outfits. That Grandpa jacket sure looks good on you. DIdn't you just have a baby? You don't look like it AT ALL.


  4. I'm loving the little makeover and that you're now modelling more of the items. That boyfriend blazer is fabulous!

  5. Those dresses are darling! I'm a sucker for bows and lace.