October 5, 2011

Two Steps Back

Two steps forward, and one step back. 

I feel like this happens to me often.  I thought I got to a place where I could handle the shop, blog, and staying at home.  I did, but staying up until 3 am wore down on me, and I just crashed this past week.  But, I stayed away too long from the shop, so views and sales are down, again.  I need to find the right formula between the 3 so that I never burn out and get tired like my little one on top of the sea turtle statue.  Anyone out there have the right formula or advice? 

I keep promising that I will be back with new listings every night, but the little baby's been teething and it's been a nightmare to get her to sleep.  She used to be such a good sleeper, but she's been waking up more frequently and taking longer to put down, so by the end of the day, I'm physically and mentally drained.  Editing photos and putting up listings just seem too burdensome at 9 pm.  But, I've decided that one listing is better than no listing and our family needs any extra income we can get.  So, instead of stressing myself out every night about how I'm not getting listings up, I'm going to start small and see how it goes. 

For real, I will be back with at least 1 new listing tonight. 

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