May 25, 2011

I'm Back! and Birth Story

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post!  So much has happened since then and so much has changed.  Our family welcomed this little peanut on May 5, 2011 at 1:06 pm:

Meet Jessie Yesuh Kim- 6 lb 8oz, 19.5 in. long.

I was 5 cm dilated for several days and she just would not come out!  I would have about 3-4 contractions every hour, which lasted several days, but I was still not in labor.  Out of desperation, I called labor and delivery and told them that my water could possibly be leaking (which it wasn't) and after going in at 2 a.m. after eating a slice of pizza with sriracha, they concluded that my water wasn't leaking, but would admit me because I was about 6 cm dilated at that point.  I guess I have a high pain tolerance because the nurse would look at me after a contraction and ask "Do you not feel that?" I would reply, "I do.  Is it supposed to be bad?"  Anyhow, I was still a wimp and quickly asked for the epidural because there was no way I wanted to feel a baby's head pop out of me.

Because she was so tiny compared to her brother, I pushed about 6 times and out she came.  I had a midwife deliver me this time and if I ever have another kid, I will go back to a midwife. 

I'm brave enough to show my swollen self after delivery.  I was just so happy to not be pregnant anymore!  I'm probably already nagging Mo here.

Jonah loves his little sister and smothers her with kisses everytime she wakes up to feed.  He barely kisses us, but demands that he kiss Jessie and have Jessie kiss him back.  There are times where a sliver of jealousy peeks through when his dad holds Jessie, but Jonah seems to be adjusting well and it really is endearing.

He is definitely a proud big brother!

What's amazing to me is how I immediately fell in love with Jessie.  I was concerned about Jonah before giving birth and felt bad for him that he would have to share the spotlight, which is silly.  Also, I felt concern that I would not love another child as much as I loved Jonah.  But, that simply is not the case.  I fell in love all over again and love them both so much!  The sleep deprivation, cold sores, and carpal tunnel have been all worth it!

Now, I'm gradually starting to work again, so please check out my shop and the new goodies I have been listing.  Thanks!


  1. SOOOOO Cute!!!! can't wait to meet her... Jonah is such a sweetie...

  2. Congratulations! The pictures are adorable.

  3. puhaha your commentary always cracks me up! Welcome, Jessie!! Can't wait to meet you! Love Jonah's smile!

  4. i adore the pics of Jonah and Jessie together! the are just too sweet!

    congrats, cheers, and hugs!
    raleigh vintage

  5. So many congratulations, Anna! The pictures are just precious! Your two J's are gonna be two peas in a pod!

  6. CONGRATS! She's beautiful! Oh those pictures of Jonah and Jessie together are so precious, they melt my heart!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  7. Your kids are adorable! Jessie is just perfect <3 Congrats again!