March 17, 2011

Meet LaPouBelle Vintage!

Meet La PouBelle Vintage, one of my amazing sponsors! Laura's shop carries a variety of vintage pieces from the 1940s-1980s that are sure to enhance your wardrobe! Also, she's having a winter sale! Just use code "winter25" to receive 25% off any purchase of an outerwear piece!  Hope you enjoy her interview!

What is the inspiration behind the name of your shop and your shop in general?
I love French culture so when I started the shop, I knew that I wanted it to have a French name. One of my friends suggested “la poubelle” which means “the trashcan” in French, which I thought was the perfect name for a vintage store. La Poubelle also fits with my shops aesthetic because I try to carry a high-low mix of pieces, some designer and higher-end stuff and also some funky and offbeat items that might be one persons trash and another’s treasure.

Was there anything you sold on Etsy that was hard to let go?

It's super satisfying to find homes for everything in my shop but that being said, there were a few things that I wish I could’ve held on to. I recently had these two ‘20s flapper style dresses that were just gorgeous and although they both went to great buyers, they were almost too good to sell. There are also a couple of items that I (selfishly) would’ve liked to add to my personal wardrobe like a ‘70s floral top, a red Coach bag, and this velvet blazer that fit me like a glove! But I I have to have some self control or else there would be nothing left to sell in the shop!

Which era of vintage is your favorite and why?
I love so many things about different eras but my hands down favorite is the ‘70s. I really love the fashion of that decade, the bell bottom jeans, the disco dresses, the wooden platforms, I just die for it! I think everyone looked so effortless all the time like they just fell out of bed with a fresh face and perfectly feathered hair! Plus, Ali McGraw is my all time favorite style icon.

Which states have you gone thrifting or vintage hunting, and which state has been the best?
I live in New York City so I mostly go thrifting around the tristate area (greater New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and I find great stuff there but some of the best thrifting that I’ve done has been in my home state of Maine. There must not be as much of a demand for vintage because whenever I go thrifting, the shops are just packed with amazing pieces that would be instantly snatched up in New York

What is your most favorite vintage item you own?
I have a couple of items that I just love. The first are these black leather shorts that I originally intended to sell in the shop but then I put them on and I knew they were destined for my own closet, they literally go with everything. I also adore this ‘70s fur trimmed jacket, the lining is tearing and one of the fur cuffs is literally safety pinned on but I can’t stop wearing it

5 words to describe you
Eek, this is tough! I’d have to say: easy going, food obsessed, outspoken, adventurous, vulnerable

Hope you liked her interview! Please visit her shop- it truly has amazing, unique items!

You can also find her on Twitter and she has a blog, so visit these, also!

Have a great Thursday!

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