January 11, 2011

Perfect for California Weather

I was looking at this Pre-Fall 2011 Bally Collection and I just thought how perfect this runway look was for winter in southern California.  Although from the periphery, I love how other states have snowy winters, when I actually set foot on weather colder than 50 degrees, I can't stop complaining.  Yes, I'm spoiled and I'm a weather snob.

Once again, I gravitate towards fashion with clean lines and tailoring and still has some of the vintage feel.  Once I have my baby, I want to start my spin classes and strength endurance training so I can go back to wearing those pencil skirts and oh how I love how they used a skinny belt on coats!  That is definitely another thing I would like to try once I get my waist back.  Enjoy!


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  1. NICE BLOG !


  2. I'm loving skinny belts too and although I can't afford expensive designer belts, Forever 21 has so many great options usually for less than $3 or $4 I can stock up on! So once you have the baby you should definitely check it out. :)