September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

My husband discovered a secluded, private beach, so I put my vintage mid-century hat on, hid behind my son in my bikini and took a picture!  By the way, love my hat and my bikini broke!

This was pretty much the entire beach.  There were such lovely homes surrounding it.

My husband built this giant hole.  He was very proud of himself.

Yay! My son finally enjoys the water and sand!  This is a happy face!

My wonderful husband.  The fog cleared up after an hour or so, but the weather was still nice.  Love California beaches!

That was half of my Labor Day weekend.  What did you guys do?


  1. Nice beach! It makes me wish for summer. ^__^

    bonita of Depict This!

  2. That looks amazing! Your kid is so cute!

  3. Aww, these pictures are so cute! Love your hat!

  4. your son is sooo cute, great pics!