September 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Warning: Today's post is filled with venting, rambling, and may be offensive to some. 

Today was filled with all three- the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

The Good:

After much consulting with my husband and Andi of RaleighVintage, I am venturing into the antique mall business to free myself of some of the overflow of vintage in my small apartment and to hopefully earn a little extra income to help our little family.  I live exactly 1 mile away from an antique mall mecca and am really excited on this new adventure.

This leads to the bad and the ugly. 

Disclaimer: I may state some offensive opinions and may get angry, so please stop reading if you don't care to be offended.

To set up my booth, I've been trying to find decor that is shabby chic.  I discovered a beautiful, tall, white wicker bookcase that I wanted to use in my booth, but it was 40 minutes away in Coto de Caza- the home of the infamous "Housewives of Orange County."

We borrowed my husband's friend's car because there was no way that 6 ft. tall bookcase was going to fit in my small Honda.  We drove his car about 50 miles today in over 90 degree weather. 

First off, to even enter the city, you have to pass through security and a gate.  Who do you think you are that your CITY gets a gate and security.  You even have to have some ID to identify you're a resident to get you mean.  I mean, c'mon!

We find the place, pack up the bookshelf and place the money under the mat since no one was home.  We're ready to go and the car doesn't start.  Stuck in the driveway, we attempt to start the car numerous times with no avail.  The owner drives up and sits in his car with his children for like 2 minutes and then comes out.  Here's our exchange:

 Me: Is this your house? So sorry we're in your driveway.  Our car won't start.
Him: I figured that much.
Me: Oh, I left the money under your doormat.
Him: Ok.

Then he goes into his house.  Doesn't say sorry or offer to help or offer water in the 90 plus degree weather.  His in-laws came by and felt so bad for us and pushed the car with us and offered to even have our car towed, but we declined.  They're not from Coto. 

5 minutes later, he brings his dogs out to walk them and walks right past us without saying anything or looking at us. At least smile or give a sympathetic glance. You just made $30 off of us!
I hate Coto and that guy is a jackhole!  Oh, I hate Coto even more because I saw many kids under 20 driving brand new Mercedes'.  That's just morally wrong in my opinion. 

Anyhow, day ended off ok because my husband brought me a king size dark chocolate bar and cookies. Friend's car was towed and the bookshelf is sitting in his car, but there are worse things in life.

 I realize that I am guilty of striving for comfort and luxury, but if it means becoming a jerk and forgetting to consider others and looking down on others, I am happy in my situation and feel blessed that I am not stuck up like that man today.  Well, I hope I'm not. 

This was just a personal venting post.  Sorry!


  1. omg that's awful! it bums me out when people forget how to be.. people... you know? i'm sorry that happened to you! but! congrats on the antique mall venture - that's exciting!

  2. what a jackhole!!! I'm glad at least your day ended well with chocolate and cookies. Oh and keep us updated on your antique mall venture, I just got your package in the mail yesterday (bow cameo necklace) and we are practically neighbors! BTW, the necklace is more lovely than I could have imagined, I'm in love!! Thanks for the prompt delivery!

  3. thanks girls!

    Lidi! I know! As I was shipping it, I was thinking of just dropping it off on your doorstep. haha. come by my spot sometime. I won't start for another week!

  4. Yes, definitely! Just keep me updated on when and where, I would love to see what other goodies you have!