August 19, 2010

Time for Change

Instead of rearranging the furniture in my house, I decided to change the design of my blog.  Okay, that decision is not as arbitrary as the way I'm making it sound.  I've been meaning to change the layout for a while and finally buckled down and did it.  I am pretty pleased with it.  I think I'll be doing a few color tweaking here and there, but this is my "new" blog and I have many exciting ideas planned for it, so stay tuned!

The other change I decided to share reflects the coming autumn.  It is the incredible Autumn 2011 Collection of A.P.C.!  Here are some of my favorite looks!

I'm loving the argyle sweater and long sleeved blouses paired with shorts and the continuation of shirtdresses, which is so classic.  The color palette is so yummy, also.  Definitely an inspiration for fall!  Which look is your favorite?

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