August 16, 2010

Once a Teacher, Always a Teacher

Before I had my son, I taught 7th grade Language Arts & Social Studies.  Let me tell you, 7th graders are crazy!  However, I truly do miss teaching sometimes and my outfit here seems to be my subconscious telling me to go back to teaching someday because my pastor came up to me and said, "Anna, you absolutely look like a teacher right now."  I just can't escape it.  Teaching is probably what I'll go back to in a couple of years.

Anyhow, this post is supposed to be about my outfit.  I think I look a little frumpy, but I do love my 50s dress.  Please let me explain my frumpiness.  This picture was taken during my church's retreat, so I definitely was not going to wear heels, since the location was hilly, it was a bit chilly, and I hate straightening my hair; hence, that explains my frumpiness.  But, I still love this picture with my boys!

1 comment:

  1. I don't think you look frumpy at all! I love your look. And if your feeling the need to go back to it. Who knows it might change your mind once your back in it. :)