December 15, 2009

Movie Monday- Breakfast at Tiffany's

Okay, so Monday is almost over, but I forgot to post my homage to this chic, stylish movie, which stars Audrey Hepburn- one of the most vogue, beautiful actresses of all time.

These pictures can speak for themselves, but what this blog post is about is my quest to find some of the items worn by her.  So, if anyone has these items in their shop, please post your comment with a URL to that item.  Thanks!  Oh, and I would definitely appreciate the follow!

 This dress is her trademark in the movie.  I want this dress, but shorter, in a size xsmall, size 0-2.  Anyone know of where I can get one?  Every girl needs her own LBD.

The next item I would like to have are these vintage earrings. 
I would prefer them to be more angular rather than round, but if there are only circle earrings with rhinestones, that will be fine too. 
But, black earrings with rhinestones.  I love these earrings!

This double breasted red pea coat with the cropped high collar is gorgeous! 
I love how the waist is slightly fitted. 

I absolutely adore this turtleneck.
 From the color to the loose hanging neck, I love it!

These are the 4 top items I desire.  Merry Christmas to me if I find one of them! 


  1. Love your blog!
    Turtlenecks are great. Especially to hide in on cold winter days like this one today in the Netherlands. brrrr.

  2. Loved this movie - it brings back some very fond memories.