November 2, 2009

Monday Madness

On Mondays, your brain automatically switches from weekend mode to get back to work mode. Whether you work a 9-5 job orstay at home, Mondays just seem a little more hectic, as is the case for me because today is the first day of my new online vintage store (pat on the back).

Continuing on the theme of "madness," I would like to refer to a vintage style, era that I absolutely love, which is inspired by "Mad Men," my new favorite show.

The 60's era transitioned from the 50's pearl necklaces and a-line puffy dresses to the more streamlined pencil skirts and suits for women. It transformed from being ultra feminine to a more powerful silhouette and "Mad Men" showcases the fashion extremely well.

For men, you see the older men wearing their smart suits with hats, while the younger generation sports a more casual look with sweaters, open necks, and no hats. I love the style of this show and I will continue to provide tribute to its fashion.

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