July 25, 2013

Windy Lane Studio

When I attended grad school, I spent my free time shopping, sleeping, and basically going wherever I wanted.  I really enjoyed going to art museums and galleries by myself and roaming the halls at whatever pace I pleased.

 Years have passed since I stepped into a museum and an art gallery by myself.  But, I recently saw one of Kai Samuel-Davis' paintings on the front page of Etsy and I immediately clicked on the image.   I really don't know much about art and lack that creative gene, but I do know what I find beautiful and I find these paintings from Windy Lane Studio beautifully sorrowful.  I encourage you to click on over to the Etsy shop, and over to the gallery to view more amazing artwork!

(All images are paintings from Windy Lane Studio)


  1. Beautiful works of art. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. wow. i love how you described it to be beautifully sorrowful. it's the most perfect description! great pieces. reminds me of growing up - my mom was a painter and had all sorts of art pieces around the house.

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  4. I miss your posts...