January 18, 2013

When Five Isn't Enough

Etsy allows sellers to provide up to 5 pictures highlighting an item.  Sometimes, 5 pictures just isn't enough, especially when it's a dress and coat set as special as the one above.  This white cotton linen set has so many beautiful details on the appliques and buttons that I decided to highlight it some more on the blog.  The crochet appliques run all along the coat, as well as around the waist of the dress.  My favorite has to be the brass button clips on the coat.  This set truly is beautiful and can be found here. (with more pictures)  How gorgeous would it be on spring or summer evening, or at an engagement photo shoot, or a wedding rehearsal dinner?  I love white!

 It's on sale right now, as well as the rest of the shop, until midnight tonight!


  1. A beautiful set Anna definitely worthy of more than 5 pictures! :)

  2. Agreed! Needs more photo slots!! Love it!