January 9, 2013

Brighten Up My Day

There are a few things that relax me at the end of a long day.  One is drinking my pear cider.  Another is watching mindless tv.  And lastly, I love to paint my nails. Something about it relaxes me.  When I used to teach and not have children, I would get pedicures all the time.  I never bothered with manicures because they rarely stayed on for more than a day, so I decided against spending any money that went into it.

Ever since I had kids, I've stopped going to the nail salon to save money and because of the lack of time during the day.  I don't know what got me started, but I realized the other day that I've developed quite a collection of nail polish and I couldn't decide which color to paint my nails, so I decided to use multiple colors.  Here's the result.

Not too crazy since they're all somewhat the same palette.  I have yet to try nail art.  I think that may frustrate me rather than relax me, but I'm thinking...

Here are the nail polishes I used:

It's day 3 and none of my nails have chipped yet!  

What do you guys like to do to relax at the end of the day?


  1. Pretty! I like to browse through different blogs, especially the ones w/beautiful travel photos.

  2. Painting my nails and drinking tea is exactly what I like to do to relax! Mr. Williams teases me because I paint then 'too often.' No such thing! ;)
    I love the gradient you did for your mani; lovely idea!

  3. Pretty! I love the subtle change in the colours.

  4. I love these colors~ just painted my a teal color yesterday~! I usually wind down by reading through blogs (I think this literally replaced by joy of reading books, which is bad..! i should get back to reading more)! but i also love watching hgtv too! so addicted to house hunters :)

    1. when I used to have cable, I was addicted to house hunters too. I was walking through a book store yesterday with my husband and realized how much I miss reading books. Taking a trip to the library this week. :)