January 14, 2013

7th Year Highlights

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary with the hubs.  Each year goes by faster and faster, and each year, I can honestly say that I do love him more.  Marriage takes an extreme amount of work, patience, love and so much more that I am still learning.  This year, we experienced much laughter and growth that came from tough times.  I am very thankful for this man and for our marriage and feel extremely blessed to be his wife.

The following aren't exactly highlights, but more like pictures where we are actually in together.  I realized that since we have kids now, we rarely take pictures of just the two of us anymore.  Last night, we celebrated our anniversary over dinner and a movie, and I forgot to take one single picture! Boo. Hopefully, I will remember to photograph more moments for our 8th year.

We're actually dressed up, on a date (at mo's old college roommate's wedding), and without kids! 
Took the kids to see snow for the first time!
Our son turned 3!
Our daughter turned 1!
The hub's brother, my brother-in-law, got married.  It was beautiful!
My gf from grad school got married!
(family pictures rarely work out and why am I holding the heavier kid?)
We took our first overnight trip in years, BY OURSELVES! Best Vegas trip.

Love this guy!