December 14, 2012

Secret Garden

Christmas card, perhaps?  I think the dolphin is mooning us.

Heart melting...

Signature deer in headlights look from the son.

A friend captioned this picture so well: "Who is the creepy man photobombing the picture?" haha.

Oh yea, and there were dolphins.

So, after more thought, I've decided to post more personal posts on this blog.  Not too personal, because there are way too many psychos out there, but just enough to provide a glimpse into my life.  This blog is about things I like, and I like nothing more on this earth than my family (actually LOVE).  This also means that my kiddie blog is on a hiatus at the moment because as I've mentioned before, running two blogs while running two shops while being a stay at home, work from home mom is running me dry.

I love my family even more today after the heartbreaking tragedy at Newtown, CT.  I was a teacher and am a mother and still am unable to fully wrap my head around what happened.  It truly leaves me speechless and all I can say is my heart and deepest sympathy and prayers go out to those in Newtown.  It just reminds me to love my children as much as I can everyday because life is short and unpredictable. 

Above are pictures from an impromptu trip we took to Vegas a couple of weeks ago.  My husband and I decided on Friday that we wanted to take a short family trip somewhere, so we drove to Vegas that night.  We really don't plan things in this family. 

Many parents ask what there is to do in Vegas with a family.  We've gone several times and we always have a blast! My son LOVES the Bellagio water show, and Mandalay Bay has an aquarium that both my kids loved, and the buffets itself can be great for kids because what kid doesn't like a dessert bar? 

The other place we think is a must for families is Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden in Mirage, which is where the above pictures were taken.  It allows the kids to see many dolphins up close, as well as white tigers, white lions, and jaguars. We spent a good chunk of the morning here, and kids under 4 are free!  So, if you decide to take your young ones to Vegas, make sure to stop off here. 

And because this is a vintage blog, I was wearing a Vintage Coach bag, Vintage knee-high black boots.  Have a blessed Friday, everyone and I will be announcing the winner to my $15 giveaway tomorrow!

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