November 5, 2012

I Haven't Been Lazy, I Promise

I feel like I've been so lazy lately because I haven't updated either one of my blogs or shops consistently the last two weeks.  Do you ever feel like once you start being lazy and start getting behind on things, you don't want to start because there just seems to be so much to catch up on?   I fell into that rut, but a fellow mom provided some sound words of advice.  She said, "When you have children you're taking care of and a house to run, you're never lazy."  So true, and I felt better about how I spent my last two weeks.

I've been cooking more, baking, cleaning, dropping and picking up my son from school, taking my daughter to her first art class, caring for two sick children with high fevers, going to the pumpkin patch, preparing for my 2nd sale, and not wearing make-up.  It's been great.  I've still been vintage hunting though, so the vintage listing and blog writing will commence today!

I actually took a photo with both of my kids.  These are rare, but I'm glad I have a picture with them, even though my hair is pulled back and I have no make up on.  However, I'm a bit grossed out at how the lighting created some weird looking growth on my neck.  Wth?
Stay tuned for fabulous autumn vintage pieces in both shops and more blog posts.  Also, for more pumpkin patch pictures, look here!

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