November 20, 2012

Emotional Roller Coaster

Vintage hunting is such a roller coaster of emotions.  I know every vintage seller and dealer will relate to what I'm about to describe.  Every Saturday, my wonderful husband watches the kiddos all morning so I can go vintage hunting.  I leave the house usually around 7 a.m. and drive all around SoCal searching for vintage for both of my shops.  Unfortunately, most of the good estate sales occur on Fridays, but I just don't have the courage to take both of my kids to an estate sale.  It sounds extremely stressful and at these point in my life, I don't think it's worth it to haul two toddlers to the sales.

So, every Friday night, I research and map out my plan for Saturday.  Many times, the estate sales or the garage sales that list "vintage clothing" in their description usually mean 80s polyester dresses or oversized sweatshirts, so it becomes so disappointing when I go to one of these estate sales and walk away with nothing.  However, two Saturdays ago, I happened upon an ad to an estate sale and the first words describing it were "vintage clothing."  This estate sale was a little past my radius of where I drive to, but I figured if the first words were "vintage clothing," I should give it a chance. 

The sale was listed at starting at 9 am, so I arrived there at 8:40.  I know that sounds late, but Orange County estate sales aren't as crazy as the east coast ones or even Northern CA ones.  But, this one was not an average estate sale and it was in LA county, and what's worse, they opened the doors earlier than 9!  As I was waiting in line to get in, I peered inside and saw a man in a sports bomber jacket with a bag overflowing with 50s and 60s vintage dresses that he just purchased.  I felt my heart drop and I literally yelled out "NO!" in line, as if he would stop purchasing the dresses if I were loud enough.  As a vintage seller, watching someone else take away highly sought after vintage clothes because they got there before you is a horrible feeling.  He left one dress though.  Isn't it lovely?

It just makes me think that the other dresses must have been even more amazing because this was the only one he left behind.  Heart sinking again.
However, that same day, I stopped by a thrift store that I usually briefly look through.  I never really hunt for vintage at this thrift shop, but for some reason, I decided to really peruse the racks that day.  I'm so glad I did.  I scored amazing dresses from the 40s and 50s and what's even better is that this particular thrift store must not have known that these were vintage because they priced the items at an insanely low price, and the store was having a 40% off sale that day! I went from yelling "No" at a burly man, to squealing in the middle of a thrift store while clutching these dresses tightly for fear that someone would come and find this secret stash of vintage goodness. 
Here's one of the dresses I found that day.  Swoon... and you can find it here.
Finding these vintage pieces really is not easy.  I know some may think that this job must be so fun because all that has to be done is shop and look at clothing.  But, it takes time and energy, and honestly, I am so exhausted on Saturdays from vintage hunting and from the emotional roller coaster involved with this job that by the time I get home, I sit in front of the tv and unwind and take a nap if need be.  But, finding that special dress or sweater, etc. makes this job so worth it and makes me get up every Saturday to look for some more.  It really is the thrill of the hunt.
Can you relate?


  1. That pink dress is beautiful! That's disappointing that they opened the sale early

  2. This look is seriously stylish, Wow!!!

  3. I have that same fear when ever I'm hunting for vintage. I always need to remind myself that even if I see someone walk away with the perfect vintage dress it's okay. I should take my time and who knows what beauties I may find?!

    I also hate it when the open sales early! I'm one of those people who will always turn up on time so it annoys me when they let people in early.

    Great finds!

  4. why would you reveal your sources to your customers & the general public? not a smart move.

    1. thank you for your concern, but I was very general and made sure not to reveal where I found these items. Many, if not all, vintage sellers reveal that they go thrifting and go to estate sales, so I'm not sure what you're speaking of.

    2. You mean you don't travel to the past in a time machine to find your pieces?! HOW DARE YOU TRICK US LIKE THAT, ANNA!!! ;)