July 16, 2012

Weekend of Flea Markets

Isn't she gorgeous?

You can't tell, but these were miniature chairs that I was tempted to buy for the kids.  But, then I realized that the kids would eventually grow up and then all I'd have were miniature chairs.

I just thought this chimpanzee was cute.

Laughed out loud at these.

Shoes and more shoes.  There's a camera crew following around a woman in a pink dress in the far right.  Not sure who she was though. 

The dress that got away.  Crossing fingers that she'll be back in the next flea market, but doubt it. 

This past weekend, I visited 3 antique flea markets to make up for the last two weeks of vintage idleness due to other engagements. 

I will have a sneak peek this week with some of the loot, and let me tell you, I'm excited with these finds.

For now, I wanted to show you some of the antiques and vintage clothes from the Long Beach Antique Market.  My one regret is not purchasing the last dress.  I ran out of time in the morning and had no time to run back to this dress.  What's wrong with me?

Do you readers like flea markets or do you tend to avoid them?  I've never been to the Long Beach Flea in the morning like this and it was packed!  If I had more time, I think I would have enjoyed it more.  But, since I was on a time crunch to get to church on time, it was a bit stressful, but well worth it.

Isn't the woman in the 2nd picture gorgeous?  Enjoy!


  1. That last dress is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. aww I love it! Looks so fun. We went to a few garage sales this weekend and had tons of fun doing that!

    1. love garage sales, also!! hope you found some good stuff!

  3. I love going to the markets but unfortunately we don't have ones quite as numerous or as big as the ones in the US or UK.

    That wine sign is hilarious!

  4. Beautiful dress, and all those shoes! I like flea markets, but the ones near us tend to be a pretty mixed bag. They don't often have much vintage, but do tend to have lots of NASCAR collectibles and dollar store stuff, strangely.