June 18, 2012

iPhone Photo Diary

I have no idea how my husband got them both to have the same expression.

Husband bought Jessie her own Dora doll, which she loved.

Took both kiddos to the newly renovated Lego store in Downtown Disney.

This pretty much sums up every meal with her. I have started using a bib again, though.

Another night, we took them to Southcoast Plaza (a really upscale mall) and they rode the carousel.

Son receiving a certificate for finishing Korean school

Just another night of playing dinosaurs and lining up all 70 something of them.

Thank goodness for my iphone.  Without it, I don't think I would capture any photos of my children.  These were all taken within a couple of days.  It's been busy over here at the Kim household with these two little ones and as you can tell, my home always seems a little bit messy.

Starting today, I've been on this cleaning spree.  Honestly, every week seems like a cleaning spree.  I mean it though- lots of organizing and donating items to be done.  If you like some of these photos, you can find me on Instagram. Look for RevolvingStyles.

Ok, back to work.


  1. jessie's eyes are so round!!!! she is so cute. love her. i am inspired to clean today, but my lazy side gets the better half of me. it's 2:15 pm and i am finally getting my cup of coffee... anyway, playdate soon!

    1. you're soo not lazy. maybe it's because you're pregnant with your 3rd child!

  2. Aww, your children are so beautiful :) :) And hey, a house isn't supposed to be perfect when you have kids. If it's a little bit messy, it means you guys are having fun and you're doing things, instead of just focusing on things being perfect (Which they never will be ^^)

    1. Thank you, Galine! And great advice! :)