June 21, 2012

First Family Baseball Outing

A coworker of my husband's just handed him free tickets to the Giants vs. Angels game this past Monday, and being a family that likes the Giants, of course we went.  It was the first time we went with Jessie, and Jessie had the best time out of all of us.  She tried to lunge at the field (not safe) and made friends with the people sitting around us, although some weren't too keen since my husband was sporting Giants gear at the Angels stadium.  As for my son, he's been to several baseball games and he's a lover of all teams apparently because he was wearing a Dodgers hat with a Giants t-shirt at an Angels game. 

Being a family of four is really becoming more and more fun as Jessie gets older.  Harder, definitely.  Packing dinner for the munchkins and trying to feed them in the seats was not relaxing.  But, seeing Jessie's expression when she saw the field for the first time and watching Jonah scream for the Giants whenever they scored made this one of the best baseball games I've attended. 

Here are some pictures and I apologize that all of them were of us sitting down.  I'm really not good at taking pictures or remembering my camera, so we're lucky that I even brought it this time.

my daughter loves to eat

classic Jonah expression- deer in  headlights.

Jessie's making friends with the Angels fans behind us, or at least trying to. Tough crowd.

rare picture of mother and daughter

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