April 30, 2012

Thank God for Friends

I can't believe that this Saturday marks my little baby girl's 1st birthday, or "dohl" as we call it in Korean.  For readers who don't know, the dohl is a huge deal in Korean tradition and has become an even bigger ordeal amongst second generation Korean-Americans (IMO). 

Jessie's dohl will still be on a smaller scale compared to other dohl's, but planning this thing feels like a monster.  Most of the bigger details such as food, location, and party favors have been planned, but there's still so much more to do this week.  I still need to plan the decorations, print photos, make a slideshow and so on and so forth.  Thank God I have wonderful friends that are lending me all the vases, banners, fake cakes, and hanboks (traditional Korean clothing worn at special events such as the dohl). Without them I would be sitting in pools of tears because I would be lost and stressed.  I want to share some sneak preview shots of her dohl, but I hope the following picture will NOT be occurring at the party (but I'm sure it will)...

I wanted to show my mother-in-law what Jessie looked like in a hanbok, but she was so tired and had a meltdown while I put the layers and layers of clothes on her and then my mother-in-law thought it would help to put her on this car, but jessie just ended up crying even more.  Poor thing.  Am I a bad mom that instead of consoling her right away, I took a picture with my iPhone?

Here are some less stressful sneak preview pictures of some things that will appear at Jessie's birthday...

Both hanboks are so pretty, so we're going to have to do a trial run on Jessie, again, and see which one she looks better in.  Thanks HK and EP for letting me borrow these!

a handmade banner made by HK

excited to wear this pink lace 1960s wiggle dress!

handmade by EP, also! 

I have the most talented friends!!
I will still be updating the shop daily, also so be on the lookout for some amazing dresses!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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  1. You are both going to look amazing at Jessie's dohl! You in that gorgeous lace dress and my vote is for the first hanbok. It matches your dress and the gorgeous cake! :D