February 15, 2012

What I Wore on Valentine's Day

As many of you know, going out on Valentine's Day is insane and takes much effort, patience, and cash.  Instead, the hubs and I spent an evening at home where he made me dinner and brought me beautiful roses. I wanted to be a bit festive, but not decked out in all red or pink since we were just eating dinner at home.  So, I just wore the following and I must say, I really do like all the colors and I always receive compliments on the bow belt, which is from Simply Audrey here.

I didn't wear the shoes inside the house, but I wore them out shopping.  I have to say they're my favorite thrifted pair to date. 

vintage 70s pink mohair sweater- thrifted
white t-shirt underneath- h&m
vintage 80s blue pencil skirt- thrifted
steve madden strappy platform sandals- thrifted!
bow belt- Simply Audrey

And here are the gorgeous flowers and meal from my husband.  I must say, I felt very loved!

How was everyone else's valentine's?  Did you go out or stay in?


  1. Love your outfit! Great colour combo and the little bows are adorable.

    I went out for lunch with Greg and we caught up with some friends in the early evening. After that, we ended up watching The Walking Dead back home (and till quite late too!). Not that romantic but we had fun! :)

    1. Haha. I paused a bit when I read you guys watched The Walking Dead. Glad you had fun!

  2. We stayed in too. It's the best way to celebrate Valentine's. You look beautiful in your thrifty outfit. You are already so tiny after having babies.


    1. aw thanks. that's what happens when the 2 kiddos suck the life out of you. haha.