February 20, 2012

I Hate Checklists

These were all checklists I created in January.  I guess I was on a new years high and thought I could get everything done and plan everything out.  However, I learned that checklists and plans set me up for failure.  Yes, sometimes they create some sort of direction and motivation, but dealing with 2 kids at home while trying to run an online business seem to interfere with the plans. Also, the checklists didn't include the 10 loads of laundry I do every week and ironing, so they aren't even comprehensive checklists and plans. (i'm not even exaggerating on the amount of loads.  Why do kids change outfits 3x a day and why are my husbands clothes so large?)  Anyhow, after much thought, I am letting these go. 

For myself and many other moms, we want control and need to have everything planned and thought out.  There is nothing wrong with scheduling and planning, but it started interfering with my morale because I couldn't get anything done.  I would look at these lists and feel a sense of defeat and feel like I was failing as a mother and wife.  What the heck?  I needed to take a step back and realize there's crap that happens everyday and I needed to get over that silly thought and just do what I can (look at pictures below of the crap that happens in 5 minutes in my house).  Taking care of two toddlers is not an easy task, and they're fed, clothed, and somewhat clean. And you know what? My house is not that bad either.  As soon as I realized that I'm not in that bad of a position and that it's ok to let some stuff go, I've actually been more productive. Forget the lists.  I'm using my husband. Ha!

So my solution to getting things done is actually really using my husband.  I have him watch the kids on weekends so I can clean the house all at once and go vintage hunting.  Hey, I watch the kids while he's working so he can watch the kids while I do my job.  It's only fair.  I have to say, my house has never been cleaner and my vintage closet has never been more organized!  Just feed your husband and give him some lovin' and he's fine.  (kinda jk)

Beth from shopreinvintage wrote this on my fb wall and I couldn't agree more "Do what you can when you can, and when you feel like you can't, don't. Listen to your body. I used to list every day, now I'm lucky to list every week and that's ok ♥"  So true.  Thanks Beth! 

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