February 2, 2012

Big Bare Wall

It's been over a year since we've lived in our new home and the past year has been so busy and hectic that I still have yet to decorate the home.  There are still pictures waiting to be hung and little decorative touches to be added to give the place more personality.  In fact, I feel like my home looks like a bachelor pad.  I did have an excuse though for not decorating!  When we first moved in, I was just entering my 2nd trimester of pregnancy while caring for a toddler while trying to run a business.  I just couldn't muster up any extra energy or finances to think about decorating the home.

But, now that the baby is out of me and is already 9 months old, we've all seemed to fall into a schedule, which allows me now to think about how to decorate the home.  I would like to start with my big bare ugly dining room wall.  I really like some of these options I found on Country Living.  All of these are inexpensive, unique, and something that I feel would reflect our family's personality.  Which do you think I should use?

here, old vintage frames to frame floating art or other decorative items. they are quite inexpensive if found at a thrift store or flea market.

these are actual leaves found in a backyard or sidewalk and just framed.  pressed leaves are such a cute and affordable way to add charming decor to the house.  I would love to get my son involved in helping me find the leaves.

here, three flea market chairs were created into one bench.  i've always wanted a bench for my dining table!

i'm loving this alternative lamp.  here, christmas lights are just filled in a glass jug.  this would look great in my living area!  Also, gotta love the antique books.
and here is my big ugly space that I would like to work on. 

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  1. Can't wait to see what decorations you come up with. I'm sure it will look stunning.