December 30, 2011

Makeovers for 2012

photo taken by me

Instead of using the term "resolution," I will be using the term "makeover" for my goals for 2012.  I don't do well with resolutions, but makeovers seem fun.

Anyhow, as you can tell by my blog, that was my first makeover.  I've finally figured out how to maximize my pictures, like the one taken above with my new iphone.  I'm pretty excited to blog for 2012.  I have some new things I want to blog which are geared more towards moms, but can be relatable to all women- fast homecooked meals, fashionable moms, as well as continuing my quest on finding the super stay at home mothers.

My second personal "makeover"- entering the smartphone world.  I was pretty stubborn about not getting a smartphone because I didn't find it necessary to pay extra charges and thought it would take time away from my daily duties.  But, i've realized how much more I can capture of my kids because of this little contraption.  I've been having a hard time taking photos and videos of Jessie, my daughter, but I've already taken more videos and pictures in 24 hours of her than I have in 2 months.

her poo face. I hope she doesn't hate me for posting this when she grows up.

her smile makes me smile.

Third makeover- get toned.  I asked my husband to buy me the crazy cardio workout collection called "Insanity" as my push present.  Well, being the good husband that he is, he did and it's been 8 months and I've only done 10 minutes of it, which by the way kicked my ass.  So, my goal isn't to lose however many pounds.  It's to finish this crazy workout.  I pray that I don't die.

Speaking of prayer, that will be my next makeover- my prayer life along with reading the Bible.  Yes, I love Jesus and I attend church and I don't want to be a Christian that only prays and reads the Bible on Sundays.  So, I would like to makeover my spiritual life by reading and journaling at least once a week.  That seems so small, but so often I've made these hefty goals and resolutions and never followed through.  But, I think once a week is definitely achievable.

My last makeover will be my shop.  I started the shop at the end of 2009 and life has been full of so many "new" events that after 2 years, I feel like I'm just getting the hang of running the shop.  When I started, I was a new mother.  Then, we bought a new house and I became pregnant a few months after that.  I finally have a schedule set with my two kids and both are sleep trained, so my shop will receive the attention it deserves.  I will also be getting a new dress form and hopefully a new camera while modeling more with my new toned body. ha.

Sorry for the long post, but it will be the last for 2011.  Happy new years, readers!  I wish you the best 2012!  Do you have any "makeovers" planned?

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  1. Oh goodness! Her poo face is ADORABLE! Love it when they squeeeeeeeeeeez!

  2. I love the term 'makeover' instead of 'resolution'! I might just try some 'makeovers' myself. :)

    Welcome to the world of smartphones. I have to admit (sadly) that I'd be lost without my iPhone. It's my little office in my pocket!

    Here's to a wonderful 2012!