November 25, 2011

Get Your Shop On

I've contemplated whether or not I want to go brave it in the malls at midnight for Black Friday for a new pair of jeans.  Then, I realized I would regret it later.  I hate crowds and malls.  So glad I decided not to go. 

Instead, I bring you new items on sale in the shop. I love shopping from the comforts of my own chair, secluded from the craziness out there.  You may find something from my shop this Black Friday- Cyber Monday.  Everything is marked down from 15-25% and domestic orders over $75 receive free shipping while international orders receive 1/2 off shipping!  This will end at midnight on Monday, so take a look and find that perfect gift or holiday dress!

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1 comment:

  1. The dresses are so girlie and fabulous. Love the vintage style.

    I know what you mean about fighting the Black Friday crowds. Some shoppers can be so vicious.