September 19, 2011

Mommy Monday: Some Proud Moments

Our family has been quite busy the past two weekends- actually, ever since Jonah was born.  Anyhow, I wanted to share some moments that definitely made me smile.

This was Jonah's first time hitting a pinata and I was actually somewhat impressed.  My son is somewhat timid and he's really sweet, so I was surprised when he hit it forcefully. We especially enjoyed his one-hander. Definitely made my husband proud, can't you tell by his little commentary?

The other proud moment was this past weekend when my husband took Jonah to the Dodgers game with the men from church.  Moses, my husband, caught a homerun ball in the 1st inning!  He doesn't even like the Dodgers, but he may like them a little more now.   I just think it's funny how happy Mo looks in these pictures.  Those who know Moses will know that he does not smile often, so these pictures made me smile.   It melts my heart how much Mo loves Jonah and how Jonah LOVES his dad. 

What were some moments that made you smile this past week?

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