September 9, 2011

Get Ready for Fall

Not sure if I want to model a dress again, but here it is: 

One of the most amazing dresses I've found: 

Perfect heels for fall! 

Lovely transitional peasant tunic.

Amazing print on this midi skirt!

A gorgeous Schiaparelli scarf.  
I gasped when I found it hidden in a 4 feet pile of vintage scarves.

After a refreshing vacation with my family, I came back with a new motivation for getting the shop back up to what it was before, and even better.  I'm still wondering about the modeling clothes myself thing because of my self-consciousness, so I'd love some honest feedback!

Also, I will be adding new items to the shop daily, except for weekends, so please check back often!  I have some even more gorgeous items to list that I'm excited about.  I promise they'll be stunning!


  1. i think buyers get a better idea of what it looks like when it's on an actual person, so keep on modeling! you look good!

  2. I think you look great modeling the dress and should keep doing it if you enjoy it! Some gorgeous dresses here, Anna--and that Schiaparelli scarf is a fun find.

  3. That taffeta dress is gorgeous and you should totally keep modelling the dresses in your store, but only (like Karen says) if you enjoy it. :)