July 28, 2011

Thursday Tips- Home Edition

A couple of months ago, I came upon this blog post from Belle Maison, one of my favorite go to blogs for design inspiration. I loved this particular post because many of the ideas were practical, affordable, while adding some character to the home.  Here are some tips, with a little spin so that I can apply it to my kids and shop, also.

Tip 1: Hang jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, on a paper towel holder.  This tip is especially helpful if you sell vintage jewelry, like myself.  Can't wait to try this tip out and add a little to my room decor!  (Click here for more information.)

Tip 2: Use personalized, or labeled, storage buckets in an entryway bookcase.  I'm thinking of putting these in my kids' rooms and label it with where their toys should go.  More colorful than baskets and label friendly and definitely cost friendly!  (Click here for more information.)

Tip 3: Use an ice cube tray to store rings, earrings, brooches, and any other small jewelry.  My jewelry drawer is a mess and it becomes a chore to look for a certain item, so I love this idea!
(Click here for more information.)

Tip 4: Place any personal items such as keys, cell phones, etc. in a wicker cutlery tray and personalize it for each family member for their own needs!  (Click here for more information.)

Tip 5: Hang kitchen towels and gloves on hooks mounted on the inside of your kitchen cabinets.  (Click here for more information.)

Hope you liked today's tips!  Will you try any of them?

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