March 9, 2011

On The Lighter Side

I've been loading the shop up with items that scream SPRING!  Maybe it's because southern California weather is so mild compared to the rest of the country, but I just can't bring myself to list many winter items.  This week has been filled with florals, pastels, linens, and short sleeves and I love it.  Hope you love it too! 

Also, just a reminder that while I'm away from the shop for 10 days, my shop is discounted for 10 days, so enjoy!


  1. WOW that first sundress is perfection!! Wish I could have it for my birthday dress (I'll be 26 on March 22nd).

    Just have it to rub it in about the weather, right? ;) Oh how I miss living in L.A.

  2. Happy early birthday!

    Hehe, I must say, I do love the LA weather. LOVE it!

  3. Everything is very beautiful, but I agree--that first dress is simply amazing!