March 5, 2011

Have a Great Weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone!  My son and I will be visiting my family up in the Bay Area for about a week and a half, where he and I will both be spoiled.  However, I will definitely miss my husband! :(

This trip will be the last trip up to northern CA for a while since I can't fly after a certain amount of weeks of pregnancy and I'm definitely not traveling with a newborn and 2 year old for a while. So, I wanted to make the most of it and go to the Alameda Antique Fair on Sunday. I'm extremely excited! It's supposed to rain a little, but I don't care.

Also, since I will be away from the shop for 10 days (I will still be listing new items, but won't be able to ship), I am having a 10 day 10% off SALE in the SHOP!

Here are some new listings from this week and all are at a discounted price!

I really enjoy how my shop is turning into a springy feel.  Can't wait for spring!

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