January 25, 2011

My Trip Back Home

Last week, I visited my family in the Bay Area.  These trips are always a true restful vacation for me because I have free, unlimited babysitting.  So, I took advantage of this luxury and went to the flea market at Candlestick for the first time, visited my alma mater-Cal Berkeley, and celebrated my son's 2nd birthday early with my family since they would not be able to make it for his actual birthday because of the distance.  I truly miss the bay area and hope to move back one day.  We'll see.

Loved being back on campus, but felt very old looking at the young 18, 19 year olds.
Felt especially older since I was big and pregnant.

First time at Candlestick, even though I grew up in the Bay Area.

Scenes from the flea market.

Wished I could put these in my living room, but had no idea how I would
take them on the airplane.

For my friend Cindy, who told me to look at birdcages.

Just made me smile.

Leaving the flea market.  Such a beautiful day. Sigh.

My son's birthday cake.  He's turning 2 this Wednesday! Time flies.

He's getting better at taking pictures.

I don't know why I'm encouraging this behavior, but it's so cute!


  1. he looks so cute eating the cake!

  2. Jonah is sooo cute!!! Happy Birthday!

    and thx for looking at birdcages. Haha. Let me know if you find a cute cake platter! =P