January 20, 2011

I Have Until May

Last night, I slept for 3 hours, woke up, and couldn't fall back asleep because my mind started swirling with all I needed to do before the baby comes in May.  I think nesting mode has kicked in.

This post is not going to be exciting or full of many pictures, but just a checklist of things I need/want to do before Jessie (the name I have for the baby for now) comes along.

1. Decorate her nursery.  I am in search on Craigslist and thrift stores for a bookshelf and nightstand and am looking on Etsy for cute little girly vintage fabric to just hang in her room and little vintage pictures, like this one, which I'm seriously considering getting.

2. I just purchased a new studio light set.  It's not one of those huge elaborate ones worth thousands of dollars, but will suffice for my bedroom and add some ample lighting.  I need to set those up and change my pictures in my shop out so I can have a consistent looking shop. 

3. My walls are bare!  I need to put up some pictures and some mirrors in the living room, dining room, and entryway.  I really like these.

4. I would like my husband to paint a nightstand we currently have, so I guess it's not something I need to do, but something I need to ask my husband to do.

5.  My hubs said we need to wait on this, which is fine, but right now, we have a tiny little dining table that renders completely useless when more than 1 guest comes over, so I would like a larger dining table (thrifted or from a flea market of course) that has 6 chairs.

Now that I've written these out, I feel a little better.  It doesn't seem as much as I thought it would be last night.  Sorry for the boring post!


  1. That's not such a bad list, decorating is fun! I'll keep an eye out for you during thrift store adventures, I can text yo pictures!

  2. Decorating a nursery seems like so much fun! Good luck finding everything you want, just take it one thing at a time and it'll all come together smoothly. :)