November 18, 2010

Vintage Treasures- Funky Fondled and Fresh

Meet Anelia, the owner behind Funky Fondled and Fresh Vintage on Etsy.  This shop offers such a variety of beautiful vintage dresses, among other funky and unique vintage apparel, but the dress selection is divine!  Also, any shopper can see Anelia works hard on the shop by viewing the photographs that she models in herself.  Please take a chance and visit this SHOP and enjoy the interview!

Explain your reasons for starting an Etsy vintage shop.

I started selling vintage at the beginning of this year. I started on Ebay initially but have since switched to Etsy since I feel this outlet lends its to the vintage community a little better. Before I opened my own store I worked for a large online vintage retailer and gained quite a bit of knowledge and experience about selling vintage online. I started buying vintage as a teenager and have become more and more obsessed with it over the years. I've been passionate about fashion in general since I was a kid and I think the way a person dresses can definitely be a form of creative expression. I'm an artist. My educational background is in sculpture but I consider myself an all around creative person.  My store is really a creative outlet for my love of fashion!

What is your most favorite vintage item you own?

My favorite vintage item is a mod mini dress with rainbow stripes. (see below picture)

What is your favorite vintage era and why?

It's really hard to choose just one favorite.  I love the 20s because I strongly identify with the flapper look and lifestyle. I love the mod look of the 60s, mod is short for modern and I have a huge affinity for modernism in art and design. I love disco, so of course I love the 70s! I grew up in the 90s and have had a growing nostalgia for that decade lately.

Is Etsy a job or a hobby?

Even though my shop is new and still growing, I treat it as a job. I put a lot of care into selecting and presenting my items. All of my items are dry cleaned or laundered, some are also repaired if necessary, and some are even altered for a more updated look.

Which item is your favorite in the shop right now?

5 words to describe yourself.

passionate, creative, kind, honest, loyal

You have amazing photos, and you've only been on Etsy for 6 months!  Which camera do you use?

My boyfriend, who is a photographer, takes my photos using a Canon EOS Rebel XTi.

What have you learned about selling on Etsy so far?

Etsy is more than just a commerce site, it is a community and the more you take part in that the better.

You can also find Anelia on Facebook, Chictopia, and Twitter!

Thanks for a great interview!

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