November 8, 2010

Time Flies

I finally have internet connection after a whole week! I've neglected my Etsy shop and blog for an entire week, and that feels long enough for me.  I am ready to get back to work and start blogging again.  So, here are some updates.

My biggest news yet is that our family is expanding, again! I'm about 13 weeks now and still feeling a bit nauseous and I can't eat Asian food, which I'm really sad about. Here's the little guy/gal. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm probably having another boy, which is fine because boys are definitely a joy! I can't describe how wonderful it is being a mom and how thankful I am that God is blessing our family with another one!

We bought a place in Anaheim!  I actually have an entire closet just for my vintage inventory, which keeps expanding!  This is only half of the closet, so I'm very thankful for the extra space!

Time definitely flies! Today is my 1 year Etsy anniversary and I passed my goal I made for myself of having 356 sales by my Etsyversary!  Very excited, and I've learned so much about this past year and being on Etsy, which is an entire post in itself for later.  I do really enjoy this job and the freedom it gives me to stay at home.  Also, finding beautiful vintage clothing is so exciting every single time!  Here's a preview of a beautiful dress I will be listing tomorrow:

Finally, I'm having a GIVEAWAY from one of my wonderful sponsors, so if you like dresses, please check it out and enter.  Tonight is the last night!


  1. Congradulations on the baby! I am thirteen weeks along too, but with my first. Still waiting for that awesome second trimester non-queasiness/fatigue to kick in!

    The dress is so lovely too, such a nice piece.

    bonita of Depict This!

  2. WOOOO!!! Congrats on the little bundle lady <3

  3. Congrats on the baby news, how exciting!! :D Also congrats on your Etsy shop success, surpassing a goal is great!