October 4, 2010

Our New Home

Exciting news!  We signed papers to a new condo in Anaheim this past Saturday and will be moving in by the beginning of November!  It will be a much more spacious 3 bedroom house, with a much higher monthly payment, but by God's grace, I know my family will be fine! 

Everything is brand new and so clean.  Jonah loves it, although you can't tell in this picture.  It's definitely a blessing and I can't wait to move ALL of his toys and my vintage into this bigger place.  I'm most excited about the his and hers walk-in closets in the bedroom.  It won't be a his and hers. One will be mine and the other will be vintage. I wish I took more pictures of our stay in this old apartment because there are so many good memories.  Maybe I will in the upcoming weeks.

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