September 9, 2010

Vintage Treasures~ AdelaideHomesewn

I love interviewing fellow Etsy vintage lovers, and Maria of AdelaideHomesewn was a delight, just like her beautiful shop.  Everytime I stop by her shop, I fall in love with at least one item and into my favorites it goes!  She has such amazing and classy taste and her dress selection is divine! During the interview, I learned more about Maria and that she is just a wonderful person.  Hope you enjoy the read!

Why did you start an Etsy Vintage shop?
I had been nannying and working in group homes for several years, and though I loved it, I really wanted to have a job that was creatively fulfilling. Beauty is something I really value and want to create. I have always loved thrifting and fixing up dilapidated items: furniture, home décor, and clothing and so this seemed like a perfect fit. I knew that there were so many items in thrift stores that could be loved and used if someone could give them a chance to show their potential by mending or remaking them a bit, or simply giving them a simple background on which to shine.

But what I am more passionate about than finding a good home for clothing is finding a good home for children, which leads me to the second reason I started my shop: to earn money to adopt a little one, from which comes the name of my shop. Adelaide is what we are going to name our first daughter (not that our first child will be a girl, but you know...) so i named the shop after her to remind me what i'm working for. I am very excited about adoption, so if you ever want to talk about it or have questions, feel free to convo me :)
What is your favorite vintage era?
I don't think I could ever choose between the 40’s and the 50’s. I love how the dresses were made to celebrate a woman’s body- the draping, crepe, and rayon of the 40's is so feminine, but I love the cinched waists and flared skirts of the fifties. I have also been loving 40's house dresses. They have such cute designs, and the fabrics are so quaint and adorable..especially the feedsacks. Both of these eras contain unique details, and the details are what I love about vintage.

What is the most favorite vintage item you own?
Its so hard to pick just one, but I love this silk 20’s dress. It acts as a piece of art in my house, when I am not wearing it. Its just too pretty to keep in a closet.


Which item is your favorite in the shop right now?
The “Autumn Sky Party Dress” Its colors and pattern are stunning to me. and I love the shape. I hope someone buys it for a very special occasion.

Find this dress here

What is your favorite go to snack? (I did just ask for one, but Maria gave me a whole bunch :) )
Fruit of all kinds, but especially raspberries. and pecans. Although, I can certainly down a butterfinger now and then. I also LOVE chai tea lattes.
Which states have you gone thrifting and which one was your favorite?
Kansas, Missouri, Connecticut, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Iowa, Rhode Island.

My favorite would have to be Missouri. I stumbled on a huge find in Joplin, that very well stocked my store with great vintage for monthts! And vintage in the midwest is so cheap!
(I am so jealous right now)
Is Etsy a job or a hobby?
Its a jobby (sorry, that was way too nerdy:). It definitely began as a hobby, but is most certainly a full time job now, though it hardly ever feels like one because I enjoy it so much. I work the best when I can have variety in my day and so I love getting to set my own schedule and do all types of things throughout the day.
(see, isn't she cute?)
Is there an item you sold that was hard to let go?

Quite a few in fact, as my personal style evolves and I realize what I REALLY love, I think, “Oh, I really should have kept that!" But I can't feel too sad, because the important thing is that the item is being worn and loved, instead of sitting in a thrift store or basement disintegrating. Here are a couple of the things it was hard to let go:

5 words to describe yourself:
Creative, Genuine, Silly, Caring, Visionary

Since you’ve been around on Etsy, what advice would you give to sellers, particularly new ones?
Take Great Pictures! I know it says this in every etsy advice column, but its so incredibly important. If you can't get good pictures with your camera, you may need to invest in one or borrow a good one from a friend.

 Don’t be afraid to invest money in your business, you really do have to spend money to make money. for a long time I was nervous to buy 30's and 40's pieces when I found them at antique stores because they were obviously more than ten dollars. It was scary, but once I took that risk, I realized it paid off.

Don’t give up! Don’t let a lack of sales get you down. I felt like I wanted to quit every other day when I first started and its still difficult sometimes, but sales WILL pick up if you are listing often. Lauren of deargolden vintage (my etsy fairy godmother :) always says, "the public is fickle." You can't always predict why you aren't selling well at a certain time, but just keep working at it and things will pick up again.

List as often as you can, and if you can't list for a day, renew your already listed items.

Cast your net wide, always check out new thrift stores, antique stores, estate sales, etc. put the word out there that you are interested in buying vintage!

Join twitter.

And if its something you can be excited about, start a blog. Don't start one because you feel like you have to, but if its something that seems inspiring to you: it can really help.

Such great advice!  Hope you enjoyed the interview.  Isn't she the sweetest?  You can also visit her on her blog where she posts fabulous outfits and shop updates!


  1. Maria, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love knowing you're working toward adopting a child. Both of my brothers are adopted, so it's good to know that there's people like you out there striving to provide a wonderful home and family to a child in need. Much love to you!

  2. Loved it, Anna! And great advice, Maria!
    I had no idea your shop name came from such a heartfelt decision. Best of luck with it, and can't wait to hear more.

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    Thanks for such a great interview. Goodness, that Autumn Sky Party Dress is DIVINE!!

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