September 28, 2010

Vintage Cereal Boxes

1.  Lucky Charms- yes, my mother let us eat this and the marshmallows were yum! 

 2.  Frosted Flakes- Up until I became older did I realize that this was very sugary and not the healthiest.  But they're grrrreat!  No, seriously, this one is my favorite now.

3.  Kix- I loved this cereal because it was a yummy snack, too.  I read that the vintage Kix boxes, along with a few other vintage cereal boxes, made an appearance earlier in 2009, so this is actually a picture of a vintage repro. 

4. Trix- My sister actually loved this cerea more than I did growing up.  But, I just remember this cereal always being around and I will always all the commercials where the poor rabbit never got the cereal.

5.  Apple Jacks- Love this cereal and this one has become my son's favorite, also.  The milk after this cereal was always delicious too!

I had the coolest mom because she let us eat any kind of cereal!  I remember my friends would comment on the selection of sugary cereals on top of our refrigerator while their parents only allowed them the "healthy" ones.  Yes, my mother allowed us to eat the sugary cereals, but she still made us delicious, healthy, Korean homemade meals everyday, so I say it's fair and I still think sugary cereals are somewhat healthy.

So, I'm bringing nostalgia back with my top 5 cereals.  I actually have no idea when these cereal boxes were from and since I was born in the 80s, I really can't remember the vintage cereal boxes, but looking for the boxes on the internet was fun. 

Which one was your favorite cereal growing up?


  1. We didn't get to pick... so I don't remember that many of the boxes! But I love that Trix rabbit.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  2. Love all the boxes! But Frosted Flakes takes it hands down!

  3. Lucky charms did it for me :) best! (although I haven't tried anything else in your above selection.. I'm from Australia! I have an excuse! :))