August 11, 2010

I Can't Get Enough of Emma Domb

The picture above comes from a Modern Bride Magazine from 1956.  How stunning are both those gowns? The more vintage clothing from Emma Domb I come across, the more she becomes one of my favorite vintage designers.  Excuse my lack of words, but everything is just so pretty!

Above is an Emma Domb for cotton advertisement that states: "The message in this bottle is clear to see: well-dressed girls are always found in cotton!"
 Emma Domb floral dress in cotton fabric from Fluegelman, $35.00
Once again, just so beautiful, classy, and elegant.  I wish I could find that dress for a mere $35!

I have the following Emma Domb dresses listed in my shop, just waiting
for some lucky new owners.  I wish the yellow dress would fit me
because it would be a wonderful dress to wear on a special date night,
an outdoor wedding, or anything!  But, that dress is made for an extremely
petite woman and I can barely fit it.  So, off to the shop it goes.

If anyone knows of any other Emma Domb vintage ads, please let me know!

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