July 19, 2010

Scenes from an Antique Fair

insane shoes! I had no idea that the weird male face mask was in the shot either.

beautiful Persian rugs that I hope to get one day when I get a house!

I really wanted to buy this for my 18 month old son, but not enough cash! Hopefully, next time.

I'm starting to favor flea markets and antique fairs over thrifting and estate sales.
The amount of vintage is amazing and the prices are definitely fair.  Also, I get to be outdoors
instead of inside in a stuffy house or stale aired thrift store.  I had so much fun
and am thankful to have a wonderful husband that will watch the baby
while I go hunting for the shop (and for myself).  Can't wait until August 1st
for the Alameda antique fair!


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  2. Hi there, I'm glad to have found you through Lola Vintage. What part of CA are you in? I lived in L.A. (went to USC) for four years.

    Will be adding a link to you soon!

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