March 9, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure~ RALEIGH VINTAGE

Etsy possesses amazing vintage and I happily stumbled upon an amazing vintage clothing boutique from where I have already purchased two amazing items! 
Meet the team of Isaac and Andi of

1. How did you guys decide to start a vintage shop together and what roles do each of you play?

Andi: The decision to start an Etsy vintage shop was an easy one once we found ourselves with 3 rooms in the house overflowing with goodies. We knew we needed to find good homes for everything. This venture also has the added benefit of being something we can do together. We both shop, clean, photograph (although Isaac’s photos always turn out better than mine), and list. Isaac graciously does the shipping; it isn’t my favorite part of the job.

Isaac: Looking at Etsy, it was so interesting how sellers in different regions offer differing takes on vintage style, and we wanted to participate and offer our unique vintage pieces; the pieces that trade on Etsy speak to who we were and who we want to be. We pretty much do everything together for Raleigh Vintage; it’s our favorite “free” time activity. I do all of the shipping though, as Andi hates it! Whenever possible I re-use packing boxes and materials.

2. Name 5 interesting facts about yourselves.

*I also work in a vintage consignment store called "Get Dressed."
*I’m a specialist in Roman Ceramics, so I spend summers working on archaeological sites and analyzing the pottery that is excavated. I’ve worked in Italy and Portugal and am currently working in Jordan.

Isaac and Andi in the Jordanian desert, where Andi works as an archaeologist in the summer.
*I haven’t eaten meat in 18 years, but I’m addicted to cheese! Seriously...addicted.
*I love all things Oscar Wilde.
*I’m an only child.

*I am a green building systems engineer by day.

*I’m a member of Designbox, a collective of design thinkers.
*Both my parents come from islands; Sicily and Taiwan.
*I drive a 1981 vintage Mercedes wagon that runs on biodiesel.
*I’m one of eight children.

3. How did you meet?

Andi: We’d known each other very casually for a few years from being out and about in the downtown art scene in Raleigh, but we really “met” one evening when I saw him alone in a bar, getting ready to leave. I gathered all my nerve and offered to buy him a drink if he’d stick around for a bit longer…we’ve been happily together ever since. That one drink was the best investment I’ve made!

(way to be aggressive Andi! I like your style :P.)

Isaac: I remember meeting Andi for the first time at her friend Bill’s apartment and would look forward to seeing her at art openings at Designbox gallery where I was a host. One Thursday night, Andi bought me a drink in a local bar, we talked for a long time… We had a first date almost two years ago on the night of a full moon, which makes for great remembrances.

4. What is your favorite vintage era?

Andi: This is a tough one; I find something wonderful about all eras. Most recently, I’ve been in a late 60s MOD mood. I love the simplicity of lines and the colors; it’s really a fun and playful fashion period.

Isaac: I really like casual guy’s fashions from the post-war years through the 1950s. The colors, patterns and cut of the clothes are all great. For more formal clothes, I like 1930s and 1940s, and need more high-waisted suits despite how outlandish they look!

6. I noticed that your shop lists items frequently. Can you describe your daily routine?

Andi: My daily routine:
Day-job (working full-time at a vintage store)

Home around 6:30 for dinner (Isaac is an amazing cook!)
Play with cats
Clean and repair clothing
Photographing and listing (although Isaac does most of the photographing) until we fall asleep.

I go to my office in the morning,
usually have a lunch visit with Andi or a friend,
sometimes travel for work, visiting a jobsite such as Merchants Millpond State Park,
come home and make dinner,
and then settle into producing photos for pieces that Andi has selected to list on Etsy (the whole evening I have the washing machine going!).
Many of our days off together are spent traveling through many of North Carolina’s towns, visiting shops and talking to people.

(Um, Isaac, can  you teach my husband how to cook?)

7. Do you have a vintage collection yourself? If so, what is the most favorite vintage piece you own?

Andi: This is another tough question; how do you choose between loves? I have a 1950s/60s pair of orange snake-skin pumps that I adore. I also have a 1950s silver mesh/lucite purse, wallet, and bracelet set that makes me happy whenever I use it. And I don’t think I could go through life without my vintage cardigans; I have a ton.
Isaac: My favorite is an Arthur Rosenberg 3-piece suit from 1963 that came with suspenders attached, though I don’t have occasion to wear it often enough.

8. Which item is your favorite in the shop?

Andi: I have a little love affair with each item in the shop; we only buy and list things we’re passionate about. But, currently, I think my absolutely favorite item is the 30s/40s Fischer nightgown. It is probably one of the loveliest and sexiest pieces I’ve run across in a long time.

 Isaac: My favorite is an outrageous 1960s/70s suede/shearling coat from Collier and Ellis department store in High Point.

9. Do you listen to music while listing? If so, what, if not, what kind of music do you like?
Andi: We usually have an old movie running in the background while photo-editing and listing – for fashion inspiration. As far as what kind of music I like…I’m all over the map! I’m a big fan of many of our local bands (Rosebuds, Lonnie Walker, Annuals, Bowerbirds), but I also dig Opera, disco (I’ve rediscovered the BeeGees recently – wow!), late 80s dance/pop (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, etc.)…this list could go on and on. I’ve found that there’s a time, place, and mood for just about all music.

Isaac: The photography studio has a record player close by, so I listen to an eclectic mix of opera, classic rock, new wave, etc. The louder the better!

Aren't they coolest and cutest couple?! I hope you enjoyed the interview and visit their shop!

Oh, and here's what I've purchased from far.

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