January 19, 2010

Tuesday's Treasure~Elements of Saffron

This week's ETSY Shop feature is on Elements of Saffron, an eclectic shop full of "Beautiful Handmade Jewelry, Natural Soaps & More!"

Meet Saffron!

5 interesting facts about myself are...
1. I am a stay at home Mom of two boys, Jeremiah 5 and Avery 3.

2. We live in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana along with my husband Jeremiah Sr.

3. I have a passion for the environment and everything homemade. I make all of our cleaning supplies, and the majority of our bath and body products.

4. I practice aromatherpy religiously, and incorporate it into every aspect of my family's life.

5. My biggest pet peeve is a lack of manners.
My shop name derives from..
the fact that I consider myself to be very eclectic, and also very in tuned to nature and all of it's elements. I want my shop to reflect the elements of my soul, thus the name....Elements of Saffron.

My inspiration and motivation is from...
one of my dearest friends, who has had an Etsy shop for some time now (Silvernutmegstudio) , and she helped me get my foot in the door. She inspired me to join in on the Etsy experience. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful collection of artistically cool people!

My children inspire me the most though. I love that I can work in an environment surrounded by their laughter. I find inspiration in every fiber of their being!

Too cute!!!

Here is my daily routine...
My days are crazy! Winter is much different than Summer for me. In the Winter, I wake up and make coffee first off. While the coffee is brewing, I make my boys breakfast. After breakfast, I sit down in my chair and whip out the laptop, and turn on Nick Jr. for the boys. I do my rounds on the Interweb, and by then it is time for art and a snack. I set the boys up with their art for the day (a very important part of our day!!), and usually do a round of dishes and clean-up while they do their art. Then we have our lunch.

After lunch is usually outside time for the boys , depending on the weather. I then do my online rounds again. I usually do some work in my studio or my kitchen, depending on my vice of craft for the day.

When the boys come inside, my youngest takes a little nap, and sometimes I do too! My oldest does pre-school lessons, and I help him. He also loves to check out my shop everyday on the computer! I love that so much, it fills me with joy!
Of course there is usually a load of laundry done in between all of the rigamaroo! After dinner, I do my Interweb rounds again before getting the boys ready for bed. After they are in bed, I usually spend a little time promoting and participating in the Etsy forums. I am not sure how all this will fit in once summer comes around, but we will have to see when the time comes, lol.
ETSY is my job or hobby?
 I consider it to be both! I like to think of it as my Hob Jobby!
My favorite item in the shop right now is..
I don't have one specific favorite item. I love my all natural perfume oils, and I can't wait to get more listed in my shop. I really love my felted jewelry also, and my soaps, lol! I love it all!

by Elements of Saffron

Items from my shop that I use are...
We love Goat's Milk Soap!! I even use the Baby Mild on my boys' hair! I don't make jewelry that I wouldn't wear myself, unless it is a custom order. I don't make soap or perfume oils that I wouldn't use either.

The type of music I like to listen to...
depends greatly on my mood. I love classic rock, heavy metal, new age, and the blues more than anything. We actually play alot of Rock Band in our house also, lol. I do like a little folk music once in awhile too. We listen to kid's music more than anything though. Music is a huge part our family! Just like my crafting, I am also very eclectic when it comes to music.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed meeting this wonderful and creative etsian!


  1. MMMMMM her soap looks like it smells amazing!

    I love your etsy shop. I just browsed through it and found a bunch of items from the 1950's and 1940's I had to add to my favorites. Some for me and a few to mention on my blog sometime soon! I adore the green patches of nature pinafore but its to small for my measurements if you ever come across a pinafore dress with a 29-32 inch waist please let me know! :)


  2. Hi Darla!

    Thanks so much for the support and compliment. I will definitely keep my eye out!